Are you ready to get hold of your privacy?


Our network of servers spreadout over the entire world have an estimated throughput limit of 50gbp/s

Your privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We store absolutely 0 traffic logs.


We make complexity simple. With us, nothing is impossible.



$20 per 6 months


$40 per 12 months


$5 per month

Optimized for Games

Our complex array inter-connected servers have been engineered to deliver the best performance possible. In some cases, we improve internet speeds due to our implemented compression algorithms

Your privacy

To provide the best service possible, without invading privacy, we have designed our core infrastructure with privacy in mind. If someone gained physical access to our datacenters, your data would still remain secure.

Grade A+ Support

Our support is one of the best in the field. We got teams of people, all around the globe, dedicated to helping you have the best service possible!